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Electric Cooker and Hob Installation Requirements.

The installation requirements for electric hobs and cookers are fairly straightforward and dictated almost in their entirety by the manufacturers installation instructions, which can usually be consulted online before purchase.

The exception to this is the wiring supply and connection requirements, many people wrongly think that because it is not a legal requirement to be qualified to work on most electrical connections in the house, that the regulations are only guidelines. Unfortunately, some find out the hard way that this is not the case. an image showing dimentions of important zones arround electric cookers, ovens and hobs with examples of the electrical switches required and this Important note: If you have a cardiac regulator or pacemaker fitted and are consideringa hob or cooker that uses induction as it’s heating method please consult your doctor before ordering.

All Oven Expert installations completed are to the latest edition of the IET wiring regulations and most existing wiring will comply but if your installation requires modification or improvement to do so and this falls outside the included works we will provide you with a quote or an estimate depending on the nature of the requirements, a price list of some simple tasks that can be completed on the day are listed below.

Pre ordering check list

  1. Choose your appliances
  2. Check the requirements
  3. Measure your dimensions
  4. Compare your switches to the diagrams
  5. Send us a picture if unsure
  6. Make your order
  7. Follow the instructions in the E-mail
    to book your installation slot

Price List 2018

Additional fittings required during installation*

13A single/double socket            £7.99/£9.99

20A/45A cable connection units    £5.99/£7.99

Blanking plates single/double       £3.99/£5.99

20A double pole switch/45A double pole switch  £9.99/£19.99

45A Cooker control box (large)         £44.99

Stability chain  £6.99

*prices include labour (if carried out during a paid installation) and VAT @ 20%